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This document is the English version of the Commission Delegated Regulation (EU) No 811/2013 supplementing Directive 2010/30/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council with regard to the energy labelling of space heaters, combination heaters, packages of space heater, temperature control and solar device and packages of combination heater, temperature control and solar device, as published in the Official Journal of the EU on 18 February 2013.  
Post date: 31 Mar 2015
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The English version of the Directive 92/42/EEC on efficiency requirements for new hot-water boilers fired with liquid or gaseous fuels, as published in the Official Journal of the EU on 21 May, 1992.   This Directive, which comes under the SAVE programme concerning the promotion of energy efficiency in the Community , determines the efficiency requirements applicable to new hot-water boilers fired by liquid or gaseous fuels with a rated output of no less than 4 kW and no more than 400 kW , hereinafter called 'boilers'.  
Post date: 24 Mar 2015
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The English version of the Commission Regulation (EU) No 813/2013 implementing Directive 2009/125/EC with regard to ecodesign requirements for space heaters and combination heaters, as published in the Official Journal of the EU on 2 August 2013.  
Post date: 12 Mar 2015
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The English version of the Ecodesign Directive 2009/125/EC, as published in the Official Journal of the EU on 21 October 2009.  
Post date: 11 Mar 2015
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The final version of the Integrated Design Process Guidelines have been published in Slovenian and are available on the website of the MaTrID Project.   These guidelines aim at providing a clear step-by-step explanation about implementing an Integrated Design (ID) process by reducing the complexity of the design process and facilitating the interactions between the members of the design team.  
Post date: 6 Jun 2014
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WIDER Innovation Vouchers: Opportunity for Experts and SMEs to win up to €10.000 The WIDER project is looking for Experts in the innovation and/or eco-smart housing fields for the implementation of its “Transnational Scheme of Innovation Vouchers” Pilot Action. The Experts responding to the Call will become part of a transnational list of Knowledge Providers/Suppliers.
Post date: 14 Mar 2014
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The project, funded by the “Mediterranean” transnational cooperation Programme, aims to support the growth potential and capacity for innovation of SMEs in the field of energy efficiency in buildings in the tertiary sector at the transnational level, in order to actively contribute to growth, competitiveness, and employment in the Mediterranean area.On the one hand, it supports innovation through the identification, testing, and dissemination of new products and technologies, and on the other the development of a plurality of activities to support SMEs.
Post date: 27 Jan 2014
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SEAP-PLUS aims at enhancing Covenant of Mayors (CoM) results and impacts through the increase of both Covenant Supporters and CoM signatories. Six pairs of regional partners have been created to facilitate direct transfer of knowledge and know-how from experienced partners to learning ones. These partners will then in turn support local authorities in achieving ambitious energy goals. Local authorities will be mobilized to participate in a large number of events and activities during the
Post date: 11 Nov 2013
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The PremiumLight initiative supports consumers as well as professional buyers in the service sector in the selection of energy efficient high quality lighting. PremiumLight covers both LED and fluorescent lamp technology with some focus on LED. The initiative offers guidelines for buyers, information from current product testing and many other services supporting the supply and demand of efficient high quality lighting products.
Post date: 29 Oct 2013
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