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European Builders Confederation (EBC) is organizing the final event of the Horizon 2020 project BIM4REN, coming to its end after four years of challenges and big achievements.
Post date: 22 Sep 2022
Type: Event

Moderated by Andrei Vladimir Litiu, Executive Director at EPB Center, the session involved relevant names in the field of building performance assessment that largely contributed to raise awareness of the need of a transparent, holistic and evidence-based approach for building certification, cost-optimality or financing purposes, as well as opening a constructive exchange that aims to be sustained after
Post date: 21 Sep 2022
Type: News

Lighting products include light sources, such as light bulbs (halogen, compact fluorescent, etc.) or LED modules/lamps, as well as control gears, which are the devices needed to connect light sources to the electrical mains.  
Post date: 20 Sep 2022
Type: Publication

EUREC will offer scientific support establish the performance of eco-building technologies today and assist the IWG5 in setting realistic but ambitious performance targets, then monitoring progress towards them. WIP will organise study tours to buildings that set the standard in eco-renovation or construction. These will be opportunities for IWG5 members to meet the actors responsible and the people who live in or near them to collect their views.  
Post date: 13 Sep 2022
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The building of the Smart Living Lab will be an experimental place equipped with permanent monitoring systems linked to digital models to continuously assess the achievement of the performance target through post-occupancy studies. It will also guide researchers in designing new experiments on this “plug & test” building.  
Post date: 8 Sep 2022
Type: Link

"Ambition requires action: The Heat Pump Accelerator for RepowerEU" Heat Pump Forum & Award 2022 puts heat pumps at the centre of the green, digital, cost-effective energy transition and industrial transformation.   
Post date: 7 Sep 2022
Type: Event

The transition to climate neutrality has a large impact on the job of building and HVAC designers, manufacturers, installers, investors, etc. Renovating our building stock to make it more energy efficient is a huge task. Both research and practice prove that users have an important impact on this performance.  
Post date: 5 Sep 2022
Type: Event

These digitized processes must be human-centred, transparent and cost-effective for the permit applicants and authorities. Another objective is to develop and integrate technical solutions for automating compliance checking of buildings in their design, construction and renovation/demolition lifecycle phases. All this will be based on open and neutral data exchange standards.  
Post date: 2 Sep 2022
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With awareness about electrification growing, how can people gain in-depth knowledge about cold climate air source heat pumps? E4TheFuture co-funded essential new research: The Residential ccASHP Building Electrification Study.  
Post date: 1 Sep 2022
Type: Publication

The event “Pro-GET-onE & e-SAFE cluster event – Deep energy renovation of residential buildings with seismic strengthening approaches” will be the occasion to promote exchanges and synergies between the two EU-funded projects. The session will include presentations and debates addressing technological challenges, regulatory barriers and lessons learnt from both initiatives.  
Post date: 29 Aug 2022
Type: Event