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Events include: Energy efficiency in SMEs - opportunities, obstacles and needs Future cities = heat pump cities? Rational use of energy for space heating, current and future situation Acceptance of biogas as a secure and sustainable source of energy for cities, rural areas and islands Bioenergy in the national renewable energy action plans (REAP) Sustainable Energy Communities - From strategy and vision to practical implementation and monitoring
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IDEAL-EPBD will investigate why the response of households towards the energy label is limited so far: What are the reasons (or barriers) for dwelling owners to take the energy label into account or not? What are the reasons for dwelling owners to take the additional proposed measures or not? IDEAL-EPBD is a project co-funded by the European Union under the Intelligent Energy Europe Programme. The project is running from October 1, 2008 until October 1, 2011 and has project partners in 10 EU countries.
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