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10th Conference on Advanced Building Skins - Energy Forum

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The 10th Conference on Advanced Building Skins of the Energy Forum will be held at the Congress Center of Bern Expo in Bern, Switzerland, on 03-04 November 2015.


The Conference aims to contribute to a multidisciplinary, integrated planning approach by architects, engineers, scientists, manufacturers and the building industry to reduce the energy consumption of buildings.


Some of the Conference topics are the following:


  • Energy performance of façades with photovoltaics
  • Enhanced energy performance and daylighting of building envelopes for hospitals
  • Eco materials for the building skin
  • Façade design for optimised daylighting
  • Modeling and simulation for enhanced daylight performance
  • Future adaptive building envelopes
  • New developments in concrete for smart and energy-efficient building envelopes
  • Integration and performance of Phase Change Materials (PCM) in the building envelope
  • Performance-based retrofit of the building envelope
  • Super insulating materials in building components and systems
  • Aerogel-based solutions and adaptive insulation of the building envelope
  • Building energy performance simulation and modeling



The conference will be held in English and German. 


For further information on registration, programme, fees etc., please visit the relevant Energy Forume website.

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