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18th International Conference on Thermal Engineering and Thermogrammetry (THERMO)Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BME)

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Since 1977 a successful series of Symposia has been organised by our Society
every year. At the beginning these events were named "Symposium on
Thermogrammetry" after a newly developed branch of thermal mapping
methods which played a significant role in the program. As the scope of the
symposia widened in 1982 they received the new name "Symposium on
thermo-technical measurements".
Due to the broad and increasing interest shown by the international thermal
engineering and physician communities, in 1987 it was already organised as
the International Conference on Thermal Engineering and Thermogrammetry
(THERMO). This conference is a series of biennial meetings. The Conference
is intended to be an event worthy of the attention of all engineers, scientists,
physicians and researchers who are involved in the solution of thermal or
energy related problems, as well as in the applications of thermal imaging.
The developments of measurement theory and technologies help the energyconscious
design of thermal engineering equipment and processes as well as
the better understanding of thermal phenomena in living organisms.
The Conference will cover topics both the field of theory and application
including new measurement concepts; transducer technique; thermal mapping;
contact, optical and IR imaging; biomedical and biotechnological applications;
thermal informatics, automatic methods and systems for industrial energy
management and process control; heat loss detection and analysis; heat and
mass transfer; utilization of alternative energy; thermophysical properties as
well as the common practice of thermal engineering.
This Conference will provide the latest information on the above topics together
with a good opportunity for personal discussions among experts in the fields of
energy conservation, control of energy release and loss, protection of human
environment, recycling & reuse research, medical and veterinary applications,
remote control through infrared sensors.
The structure of the sessions will be fixed after receiving the papers, but the
topics will cover the following fields:
General thermal engineering; theory of measurements; thermal informatics,
thermo-CAD and its applications; advanced thermodinamics and the new tendencies associated: industrial energy management and process control systems; practice of thermal engineering; infra-red imaging science & technology: thermogrammetry, micro- and nanoscale thermal phenomena and sensing techniques, thermal defectometry; applied thermo-optics; thermophysical properties; heat and mass transfer; cooling of electronic components; heat exchangers; combustion; thermophysics of the environment; building services; environmental aspects of energy use; thermo-ergonomy and thermo-psychology; thermo diagnostics; system analysis in thermo-biology; IR-imaging in biomedical and bio-engineering applications; remote sensing through IR-imaging, multidisciplinary topics.Solar hybrid & photovoltaic systems.Waste management research,hazardous materials,recycling & reuse.

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