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2nd Energy Efficient Buildings Conference

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A short description of the conference:

Environmentalism and sustainability could be a favourable solution in the
urban planning and urban development as well. However the topic raises a
wide variety of questions. Are the smart cities, smart homes and intelligent buildings just a vision, or could they become a part of our life in the near
future? In which measures will the environmental certification system affect
the worth and price of buildings? Will the market appraise the incresing
quality buildings and what will the market expect exactly?

The challenges and duties are complex: integrated planning, sustainable architecture solutions (residential ventilation, ventilation with heat recovery, lighting and shading technics, building automation). Building engineers
will have to increase energy efficiency, reduce the energy consumption and
CO2 emission with integrated engineering solutions, combined with the increase use of renewable energy sources. Architects, engineers and contractors will have
to collaborate in order to inspire the cooperation between branches of business and to develop a complex, integrated attitude.




Session 1: The situation - the approach - the intention - the strategy

Session 2: The problems and the challenges of the present - Are there solutions?

Session 3: The challenges of the future, the goals - How to start it?


To see the complete conference programme, please click here.


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