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32nd AIVC conference - 1st TightVent conference - Towards Optimal Airtightness Performance

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Contributions are invited in the areas of research, development, application and market implementation of ventilation and infiltration. Preference will be given to abstracts focusing on one of the following topics: − Energy and IAQ impact of envelope and ductwork leakage − Quality management approaches for envelope and ductwork airtightness − Product and method developments for envelope and ductwork airtightness − Airtightness issues in existing buildings − Ventilation and infiltration in mild climates − Ventilation and infiltration in very low energy buildings (nearly zero energy buildings, passive houses, ...) − Innovative ventilation concepts and combined systems − Demand-controlled ventilation − Humidity control and moisture damage − Summer comfort and ventilation

The joint conference ’32nd AIVC Conference‘ and ’1st TIGHTVENT Conference’ aims to focus on Optimal Airtightness Performance.

The conference will for most of the time consist of 2 parallel tracks:

- One track will focus on airtightness related issues;

- The other track on ventilation in general.

The conference will consist of a mixture of:

− Well-prepared workshops (typical duration 1.5 hours);

− Presentations on invitation;

− Presentations from call for papers.

Abstracts can be submitted till May 31

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