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3rd SPACE International Conference 2020 on Sustainable Architecture Planning and Urban Design + SPACE International Conference 2020 on Building and Construction

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The 3rd International Conference on “Sustainable Architecture Planning and Urban Design” addresses all the aspects of sustainability aiming to discuss sustainability from different perspectives and research areas. The meeting always attracts a substantial number of participants from all over the world. Thus, the Conference establishes an ideal platform to recent advances and research results in the fields of architecture, planning, urban design and all related areas such as engineering, education, interior architecture, technology, business, politics, social sciences and so forth. The scientific quality of the Conference provided by SPACE International Advisory Board and the variety of the topics are the most important reasons behind this success of the series.


SPACE International Conference 2020 on Building and Construction


We provide an ideal platform to discuss the recent advances, research results and practical experiences in the fields of Building and Construction. SPACE Studies of Planning and Architecture invites researchers, policymakers and industry practitioners to share knowledge from their fields of expertise according to the themes of the Conference.




  • Design, and construction methods for complex projects
  • Education of civil engineering and architecture
  • Real estate development and construction law
  • Public bidding law and regulation
  • Construction Planning and Control
  • Design and construction disputes
  • Construction management
  • Building integration solutions
  • Construction, law and ethics
  • Modular buildings design and practices
  • Building Performance and Life-cycle Analysis
  • Material Quality and Control
  • Performance of modular systems and buildings
  • Construction materials
  • Risk and safety management
  • Construction Technology
  • Reliability of building systems
  • Construction and Methods
  • Structural Analysis and Design
  • Knowledge Management and IT
  • Productivity and Workforce Issues
  • Sustainable Design and Construction
  • Infrastructure Management
  • Global Construction Issues
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