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5th International BUILDAIR-Symposium ”Building and Ductwork Air-tightness“

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The 5th International BUILDAIR-Symposium ”Building and Ductwork Air-tightness“ takes place on October 21-22 2010 at the Danish Technical University in Copenhagen/Lyngby, Denmark.
Array 21. -22. Oktober 2010 in Copenhagen, Lyngby, Denmark

The 5thInternational BUILDAIR-Symposium ”Building and Ductwork Air-tightness“ takes place on October 21-22 2010 at the Danish Technical University in Copenhagen/Lyngby, Denmark.


The Symposium this year combines contributions from sciences and research with very practical oriented application knowledge and an intensive exchange between the participants.

The first day is up to air tightness in sciences and up-to-date research. The practical aspects of the air tightness issue will be presented on the second day under the title “BlowerDoor-Symposium”. The e.u.[z.] resumes the tradition of these very practical symposia which took place as national events until 2005.


Interest in highly efficient buildings has been growing steadily, with there being plans for the introduction of these on a massive scale – plans which are even being put in practice in many countries. One major challenge is to attain the air-tightness needed for highly efficient buildings in the actual field of practice, to construct the building envelope so that it remains air-tight over a long period of time and to make quality assurance common practice. At the same time, highly efficient buildings must have a ventilation concept which ensures hygienic air exchange while preventing mould and dampness and minimizing concentrations of toxins.

Topics at the conference
Beside the main subject areas of air-tightness and ventilation, the conference will address additional issues such as building thermography and mould. In 2010 the focus is to be placed on the following questions and topics (priority will be assigned to contributions which concentrate on one of the following topics):
Science and research
  • Building and ductwork air-tightness – from theory to largescale application
  • The latest developments in energy-efficient ventilation systems
  • Measuring technology for air-tight building envelopes, current product and system developments
  • Measuring results in situ and forecasting techniques
  • Current research on adhesive bonds
  • Round-robin tests of building air-tightness / calibration of measuring instruments
  • Extreme values of building air-tightness as a norm
  • Reduction of indoor air contaminants through ventilation – is it effective?
  • International comparison of parameters and limit values for building air-tightness
  • Aspects of cost-effectiveness of indoor air climate
  • Developments with highly efficient buildings – measured or calculated efficiency
  • Comparison of energetic demands for highly efficient buildings with national demands on energy efficiency
Application knowledge and exchange
  • Air-tightness in light of current standards and regulations
  • Economic production of air-tight building envelopes
  • Current experience with measurement of air-tightness and thermography
  • Tracer gas (CO2, PFT) measurement in buildings using blower door
  • Radon measurement in buildings
  • Experience with the air-tightness of ventilation ducts
  • Measurement of air-tightness in big buildings – field reports
  • Special measurements – field reports
  • Air quality in multi-story buildings, e.g. elimination and measurement of fumes from neighboring apartments in floor separation
  • Air-tightness strategies in practice
  • Products for the air-tight building envelopes in practice
  • Retrofitting in cases of insufficient air-tightness
  • Current developments in the ventilation market
  • Significance of air-tightness in energy-demand calculations

For more information about the scope please see menu Symposium.

Please find here attached (pdf) the program of the symposium !

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Sabine Schneider, Bernd Rosenthal
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+49 5044 97520
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This is the leading conference on building and ductwork air tightness worldwide and good for experts as well as for newcomers. People working in this field meet at the conference. You really get valuable information and meet people with much experience in the field.