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9th ener.CON Europe 2021

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Cost-effective ways towards energy efficiency and carbon reduction in industrial manufacturing.


The 9th ener.CON Europe conference is the leading networking platform bringing together 120+ industrial energy experts from energy-intensive manufacturing to discuss the key industry topics and share knowledge on energy efficiency, decarbonization projects, monitoring consumption and cost, procurement and storage, energy data analytics, the latest regulatory frameworks – Everything that comes in mind for making the energy revolution a reality on shop floor and global level will be discussed!


ener.CON Europe 2021 – Join us now for the industrial energy revolution!


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ener.CON Europe 2021 – the calendar event for industrial energy efficiency, energy consumption management, efficient process engineering and decarbonization executives.


Our mission – Become an active part of the industrial energy management ecosystem across Europe:


By the industry – for the industry: Hand-selected speakers based on in-depth industry research.


  • 120+ senior level executives and leading energy management professionals in one room.
  • 30+ pioneering experts and industry leaders share their insights and lessons learnt.
  • Networking with other teams and executives – more than 15 interactive workshops.
  • Icebreaker, World Café sessions, 15+ case studies, keynotes – 2,5 days of the latest innovations, technologies and research in the field of energy efficiency, carbon-neutrality and energy management.

Top reasons to attend ener.CON 2021


There is a wide spread of energy performance within all industry sectors and just reducing this spread will result in significant energy savings.


Internal barriers within firms include: lack of knowledge, lack of finance and the improved efficiency not being regarded as strategic.


We need to accelerate improvements in energy efficiency to achieve a 2°C or less global temperature rise.


Energy efficiency should be viewed as an energy reserve just like fossil fuel reserves.


Industrial enterprises can still improve energy efficiency continuously over many years and decades – and need to do so!


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