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ABRACADABRA Webinar on Financial viability of nZEBs through AdoRes

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ABRACADABRA invites you to the webinar on Financial viability of NZEBs through AdoRes: Abracadabra financial tools and lessons learnt to support the building energy revolution on January 31st, 2019,10:00-11:30 CET.


AdoRes are volumetric Add-ons combined with Renewables and they can consist of one (or a set of) Assistant Building (units) - like aside or façade additions, rooftop extensions or an entire new building construction.
AdoRes can save public and private resources and meet local energy saving targets in zero cost virtuous cycle and through energy efficiency retrofitting can new businesses and residents.


The webinar tries to answer the question "How AdoRes can trigger – at a Financial standpoint – the Deep Renovation of Buildings towards NZEBs.


The webinar will showcase the Financial tools the project Abracadabra has developed and the feasibility of case studies all over Europe to demonstrate that the “Abracadabra way” can be a pillar of the EU to support energy transition.


Financial Experts, Building Professionals, Local Authorities, Property owners, Policy makers from local governments and regional authorities, practitioners, and researchers are invited to the third ABRACADABRA webinar focusing on Financial viability of NZEBs through AdoRes.


To register for the webinar, click here.