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ACE-Retrofitting Final conference: How can local and national governments accelerate energy retrofitting in condominiums?

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Municipalities and regions play a key role in encouraging energy retrofits in condominiums. Although European local authorities are tackling the residential sector as part of their climate action, many of them still ignore the specific challenges and needs of multi-apartment buildings. What are key measures, both from a policy and an operational point of view, for accelerating condominium upgrades? And how can a local government link the different stakeholders for effective implementation and measurable success?


Policy-makers and city practitioners will discuss and share learnings from the Interreg ACE Retrofitting (Accelerating Condominium Energy Retrofitting) project around strategies and tools to overcome the legal, social and financial barriers of building improvements in condominiums.


Target audience:

  • Local Authorities from Belgium and North West Europe
  • Housing Associations
  • Syndics/Co-owner groupings
  • Local energy agencies
  • Building professionals

Conference languages:
English and French (simultaneous translation)

Contact: Christiane Maurer, Energy Cities

Energy Cities
Contact Name:
Christiane Maurer
Contact Email:

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