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ACE-Retrofitting Webinar: From concept to realisation – A step-by-step tool that helps co-owners accelerate retrofitting in condos

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Illustration by Rodho

Illustration by Rodho

Partners in the ACE-Retrofitting project are seeking to support municipalities in launching energy retrofitting strategies for condominiums.


They developed a range of tools that notably help municipalities make the link between the demand side (co-owners, trustees, etc.) and the supply side (professionals).


The “Step-by-Step” toolkit provides 17 specific soft and hard tools to accompany co-owners on the road to condominium energy retrofitting. It is divided into three main complementary phases:

  1. The “first step” allows the co-owners to explore the idea of leading an energy retrofit in their building.
  2. The “taking-off step” deals with the activities to be developed until the vote for retrofitting.
  3. The “real thing step” is related to the start of the energy retrofitting work itself.
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