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Adapt Northern Heritage Conference

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Climate change is threatening historic places across the world, especially in the world’s northern regions. The international Adapt Northern Heritage Conference 2020 will explore practices and research concerned with:

·     assessing the environmental impacts of climate change and their associated risks on historic places

·     planning and/or implementing adaptation measures to make historic places more resilient to climate change, where possible, or alternatively manage their loss


The conference is organised by the European project Adapt Northern Heritage (2017-2020), which is supported by the European Union, Iceland and Norway through the Interreg Programme for the Northern Periphery and Arctic.
The project has researched climate change adaptation for historic places and supported communities in understanding better the impacts of climate change on their heritage sites and preparing for their adaptation.

Conference themes

  1. Assessing the risks of climate change to historic places
  2. Engaging communities with regard to historic place adaptation
  3. Planning adaptation of historic places to climate change
  4. Management of loss of historic places due to climate change


Tickets for the conference will be available from Thursday 12th December.  You can register for tickets here:


Please see an overview of the conference above. You can direct your enquiries to More information is available at our website.



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