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Adaptation of EN 15603, EN 13790 and related EU standards for defining a national calculation methodology for energy performance of buildings in Turkey

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The most comprehensive legislation in Turkey on energy performance in buildings, in parallel with EPBD (Energy Performance of Buildings Directive), was released by Ministry of Public Works and Settlement in December 2008. According to the legislation, the national calculation methodology and software tool is to be published in December 2009. EVD Energy Management, being one of the oldest and most experienced ESCOs in Turkey, is currently working on the national calculation methodology and software with the official approval of Ministry of Public Works and Settlement. A strong academic team consisting of professors from different universities is assisting EVD. EVD kindly invites academicians, energy experts, software developers interested in, worked on or still working on the subject.

The workshop will focus on two subjects: Calculation methodology (as specific topics, in sessions 1‐4, as open discussion sessions) and software tools (in session 5, as presentations and discussion sessions)