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The 15th International Exhibition for Heating, Ventilation, Air­ Conditioning, Water Supply, Sanitary, Environmental, Technology, Swimming Pool and Renewable Energies will take place at the International Exhibition Centre.  In the 2012 edition, more than 640 companies exhibited, including 266 international exhibitors from 26 countries. There were 40,964 visitors over the four days of the event.


Organised by Premier Expo and ITE Group, Aqua­ -Therm Kyiv is the greatest event in the engineering systems market in Ukraine. Traditionally, the program includes a great variety of seminars, conferences and presentations covering water supply, energy saving, heating, ecology, industrial cold supply, and renewable sources of energy.


The exhibition carries out special projects highlighting the profile sectors of the exposition. Cool Clima is a specialised section at Aqua­-Therm Kyiv. The full range of the latest technologies and innovative solutions for air conditioning, ventilation and industrial cooling supply will be presented in that section. Equipment and technologies shown at Cool Clima Kiev represent efficient instruments for air conditioning and ventilation solutions both in residential construction and manufacturing industry. Cool Clima Kyiv is a forum for professionals. 




Eco Energo is a specialised section at Aqua-­Therm Kiev dealing with products and technologies for energy saving and renewable sources of energy. The industry’s world leaders offer the latest equipment in this area: condensation boilers, heat pumps, solar water heaters and other energy saving equipment’s.


To find out more, please visit exhibition website. 


Premier Expo and ITE Group
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