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ASHRAE: Residential Building Smart Devices and Data

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Improving Energy Use Insights and Performance Evaluation


Data derived from smart devices benefits homeowners in many ways, including energy savings, better comfort, improved security/safety and improved knowledge of performance of homes, with convenience topping the list.  However, these devices are sometimes very complicated and outsmart the people using them.


The use of devices and data insights is examined in a seminar which will be held on 29 June 2016 in St. Luis, U.S.A. in the context of the ASHRAE 2016 Annual Conference.


Presentations in the seminar will focus on:


  • Energy use insights from inverse thermodynamic-based modeling of residential buildings
  • Demand prediction using connected thermostat residential building energy models
  • Cornell Temperature Datalogger Project


The seminar is part of the new Smart Buildings Track. For further information, please visit the relevant ASHRAE webpage at the link below.

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