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Becoming a smart city: experiences from “lighthouse” cities

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Sinfonia first webinar

Sinfonia Webinar series “Smart City talks”


Our “Smart City talks” is a series of 6 webinars that will share the experiences of Sinfonia pilot cities, exploring best practices and tools for urban energy planning, strategies for citizen engagement and the policy framework. All aspiring to create a sustainable future for citizens and enterprises through the knowledge transfer from experienced actors.


This first Webinar will share real-life experiences on how three smart cities planned their energy projects. Interested municipalities can hear about what worked (and what didn’t) in the planning of energy districts, social housing renovation and smart mobility, among others. 


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SINFONIA is a pioneering project which aims to achieve 40 to 50% energy savings and increase the share of renewables by 20%. This has been done through an integrated set of measures combining the retrofitting of more than 100,000 m2 of living surface, optimisation of the electricity grid, and solutions for district heating and cooling in the two pilot cities of Innsbruck and Bolzano.


Yet this cutting-edge initiative goes beyond and promotes large-scale replication in other Europeans cities, trough transferability and scalability.





19 February - Investing in deep refurbishment: is it worth it?

12 March - Integrated energy planning: which good practices for municipalities?

02 April - Tools to get a urban energy planning right

13 May - How to engage users in public renovation works

June - Are public policies fitted to boost building renovations?

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