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BUILD UP Webinar | “Start at Home”

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BUILD UP Webinar | “Start at Home”

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Housing Europe presents the contribution of Public, Cooperative and Social Housing providers to mitigate climate change.


Update: the webinar recordings and PDFs of presentations are now available here.


30th November 2015


  • 15:00-16:30 Brussels time 
  • 14:00-15:30 London time
  • 16:00-17:30 Athens time


Register now; attendance is free but prior registration is required.


On the day that the UNFCCC COP21 kicks off in Paris, Housing Europe is organising in collaboration with BUILD UP a webinar to present the contribution of Public, Cooperative and Social Housing providers to mitigate climate change.


The webinar, addressing policy makers, housing associations’ managers as well as representatives of various interlinked sectors, will be the occasion to follow-up the Housing Europe’s “Copenhagen Offer” by assessing the work done over the last five years in terms of dwellings refurbished, energy saved as well as a series of other measurable outcomes.


What was the average refurbishment rate of Public, Cooperative and Social Housing providers in Europe? How much money was invested since Copenhagen and what was the benefit for tenants and the impact on the economy? The analysis of the figures resulting from the POWER HOUSE nZEC project helped Housing Europe to give an answer to these and other questions.


Following-up the work already done, the second section will focus on the needs of our sector, stressing the key importance of empowering and involving citizen-consumers and communities to unlock the full potential of the fair green energy transition under way.


AGENDA (Brussels time)


  • 15:00-15:30 - From Copenhagen to Paris: Public, Cooperative and Social Housing providers’ activities in the field of energy efficiency and renewable energy | Mr Julien Dijol - Policy Coordinator, Housing Europe
  • 15:30-16:00 - Large renovation scheme: the Energiesprong model in the UK | Mr Steve Cole - Policy Leader for Existing Homes and Sustainability, National Housing Federation
  • 16:00-16:30 - Empowering citizen-consumers: local energy transition strategy in practice | Mr Ian Turner - Head of Projects & Campaigns, EnergyCities


Q&A follows after the end of each presentation.


Julien Dijol is Policy Coordinator at Housing Europe, the European Federation of Public, Cooperative and Social Housing. He has been mostly working on the interlink between EU policies in the field of territorial cohesion and social inclusion and national housing policies. He has been working on various EU projects, in particular in the field of Cohesion Policy (URBACT, IEE). He is an URBACT Thematic expert and was until recently external expert for the European Commission for a “study on sustainable regeneration in suburbs - promoting social integration in deprived neighbourhoods through housing interventions by ERDF”. Julien was also member of the Board of the Social Platform, the European network of social NGOs (2011-2013).
Steve Cole is Policy Leader for Existing Homes and Sustainability at the National Housing Federation. HE has over a decade’s experience in the public, private and voluntary sector and has worked for organisations ranging from the Department of Work and Pensions, NCVO Consulting , National Union of Students, SKY, The Landscape Institute, and the Campaign to Protect Rural England. His expertise lies in four main areas; strategy and organisational development, strategic communications and membership, Climate Change and Green Space, and housing policy. He has managed a number of award winning campaigns including I want to be a landscape architect and Neighbourhoods Green. Steve has an MA in Literature and Creative Writing from the University of Glasgow, is a non-executive director of Energiesprong UK, sits on the Royal Horticultural Society Education Committee, chairs the University of Greenwich’s Professional Review Group for Landscape Architecture, is a Green Flag judge, a founder member of the SlashStroke arts collective.
Ian Turner is the Head of Projects & Campaigns at Energy Cities, the European association of local authorities in energy transition. In this position he oversees the team responsible for preparing and managing projects or campaigns involving Energy Cities’ members and strategic partners. Since 2005 Ian has been promoting the Display® Campaign, the first and most widespread European Campaign to encourage municipalities to publicly display environmental performances of their municipal buildings. Via Campaigns such as ENGAGE and Display, Ian has a wealth of experience in managing municipal lead initiatives that focus on communication campaign encouraging public servants, citizens and stakeholders at a local level to play their part in building a sustainable energy future. Ian has a Masters in Environmental Management from Cape Town with a number of years’ experience in municipal integrated development planning in South Africa and environmental education in England.
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