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The CONCERTO City - Every City

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A major forum for European local decision makers and stakeholder. The CONCERTO Final Forum will present the results that have been drawn from the experiences of the 58 European cities that implement the CONCERTO concept. The participants will benefit from a unique opportunity to take the lessons home and implement similar actions in their cities. The different sessions of the Forum will highlight identified solutions for the challenges that cities are facing today and will propagate their European dimension and replication potential.


The Forum will consist of a half day plenary session, a half day parallel sessions on the 1st day and a half day plenary session on the 2nd day.

The Forum will consist of the following key themes:

  1. What has CONCERTO achieved so far and how will the results be replicated? (plenary)
  2. Roadmap to sustainable built environment: elements for success? (plenary)
  3. How to optimize energy performance? (parallel session)
  4. Measuring success (parallel session)
  5. Bringing all actors together (parallel session)
  6. Why training, informing and disseminating? (parallel session)
  7. Financing sustainable built environment in European cities (parallel session)
  8. From district to city, from city to region, from region to country: experiences of CONCERTO replication on regional and national level (parallel session)
  9. Creating the adequate regulatory and political environment: from best practices to best policies (2nd day, plenary)
  10. Looking to the future: Smart cities (2nd day, plenary)

To register to the conference and parallel sessions please click here. Participation is free and a detailed programme will soon be available. For further information please use this contact.

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