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COOL DH webinar: From the tradition to the future: the Østerby case

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In the framework of the innovative COOL DH project, a new LTDH-grid is built in the district in Høje-Taastrup, Denmark. Nowadays, the standard and old district heating systems are replaced by low-temperature district heating (LTDH) or ultra-low-temperature district heating (ULTDH) networks, where the supply temperature will be respectively between 50-60°C in LTDH and below 50°C in ULTDH.


Discover how it will be possible thanks to the COOL DH innovations presented in this webinar dedicated to the transition from old traditional DH to 2050’s networks.



17th November 2020 | 10:30 – 11:30 CET

Moderator: Gabriele Pesce Euroheat & Power |DHC+

  • Introduction of COOL DH
  • Converting Østerby area from traditional DH (85/50°C) to LTDH: Steen Gravenslund Olesen - COWI
  • New type of substation to meet the requirement of LTDH - Emanuele Zilio - COWI
  • Business models for LTDH: Sara Kralmark - Kraftringen
  • Q&A session
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