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Debate: Energy Savings Delivered. Energy provider initiatives acknowledged by the IEA and their contribution to EU policy goals

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A breakfast debate with representatives from EU institutions, the International Energy Agency (IEA) and industry, exploring how energy providers can contribute to reaching the EU energy efficiency policy goals.

To illustrate the debate, the IEA will introduce its latest report on “Energy Provider-Delivered Energy Efficiency”. Eurofuel will present the example of a very successful energy saving initiative in the field of heating, managed by its Austrian member IWO.

The event will be restricted to an audience of 25 policy-making experts as well as experts from industry and civil society, and shall be conducted under the Chatham House rules.

As there are a limited number of participants, it is advised to register as soon as possible. Deadline for registration is 3 April.


Speakers will include:

Prof. Christian Küchen (President, Eurofuel)
Paul Hodson (Head of Unit, Energy Efficiency, European Commission)
Grayson Heffner (Senior Energy Efficiency Advisor, IEA)
Mag. Martin Reichard (Director, IWO Austria)

Eurofuel (European Heating Oil Association)
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Tristan Suffys
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+32 (0)491 34 07 90
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