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E2VENT Workshop - "Think green, think Smart Façade"

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The  E2VENT WORKSHOP which will be held within the BUDMA - International Construction and Architectural Fair in Poznan, Poland.


What is E2VENT? It is a European research project under H2020 programme, which aims to develop cost-effective, high energy efficient, low CO2 emissions system for retrofitting of residential buildings, able to achieve remarkable energy savings, through the integration of an innovative ventilated façade system. The system includes Smart modular heat recovery unit which improves Indoor Air Quality while minimizing energy losses, a latent system using PCM  ( phase change materials) that allows thermal storage, and a smart building management system enhancing the user experience and allowing future adaptability.


The workshop will take place on 31st January 2018 and will include not only the introduction of the E2VENT project, but also interesting presentations in the field of energy efficiency and ventilation facades. Don´t miss a unique opportunity to meet and discuss with leading European representatives of research and development of innovative building materials.


Registration free within the BUDMA fair at

For more information and detailed agenda, see the attached flyer.

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