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eceee 2015 Summer Study - FIRST FUEL NOW: Call for papers deadline October 2, 2014!

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Since 1993, eceee’s biennial Summer Study has explored solutions to our energy-related dilemmas by providing evidence-based knowledge on the full range of energy efficiency topics. In an informal setting conducive to networking and exchange of information, experts work to learn from each other and ensure energy efficiency is fully integrated into energy and climate policies.

Submit your abstract by 2 October if you wish to contribute with a paper.
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Call for papers - abstracts due 2 October

Abstracts will be invited under the following 9 panels:

1. Foundations of future energy policy
2. Energy efficiency policies – how do we get it right?
3. Local action
4. Mobility, transport and smart and sustainable cities
5. Energy use in buildings: projects, technologies, innovation
6. Policies and programmes towards a zero-energy building stock
7. Appliances, product policy and the ICT supply chain
8. Monitoring and evaluation: building confidence and enhancing practices
9. Dynamics of consumption

See the Summer Study pages for authors and papers for more information.

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