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EEDAL’15 - 8th International Conference on Energy Efficiency in Domestic Appliances and Lighting

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The 8th International Conference on Energy Efficiency in Domestic Appliances and Lighting – EEDAL 2015 will focus on the latest developments in energy and environmental impact of residential appliances and lighting, heating and cooling equipment, Information and Communication Technology (ICT) equipment, smart meters and smart grids, consumer behaviour, the policies and programmes adopted and planned, as well as the technical and commercial advances in the dissemination and penetration of technologies and solutions. The conference will include plenary sessions, parallel sessions on specific themes and topics and ad-hoc workshops.


The event will cover a wide range of topics as follows:


Topics related to consumer behaviour, polices and programmes:


  • opportunities for international co-operation climate change;
  • lifestyles and consumer behaviour;
  • focus on developing countries and economies in transition;
  • strategies for increasing efficiency;
  • standards and labels (mandatory, voluntary, endorsement label and quality marks);
  • measurement methods and international harmonization;
  • public and green procurement;
  • market transformation programmes;
  • end-use metering and home automation;
  • demand response;
  • energy services, energy efficiency funds, demand side management and energy service companies;
  • programme and policies monitoring & evaluation;
  • implementation and enforcement of policies;
  • non energy issues and benefits; financing;
  • home and residential building retrofit programmes;
  • active energy efficiency.


Topics related to specific technologies:


  • residential appliances/white goods;
  • residential Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning (HVAC), water heaters and water circulation pumps;
  • consumer electronics, office equipment, broadband office equipment use and energy saving technology in the residential sector communication equipment, and low power modes;
  • residential lighting;
  • motor technologies for appliances and motor control technologies;
  • on-site (residential) power generation;
  • net zero energy residential building and positive buildings;
  • smart appliances, home automation, smart homes and smart grids.


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Joint Research Center, Institute for Energy and Transport (IET)
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