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Energy Performance Buildings

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09.00 Application and registration with coffee
09.20    Problem: Much diversity in energy 'forgotten' commercial buildings Dr. Georges Timmermans - CIR - Insulation Board
09.30   Belgian Climate and Energy Approach 2020-2030 Importance of the building sector Danielle Devogelaer - Planning - energy expert
10.00   Market Size 'Commercial Buildings' Multipurpose industrial building - employment Jean-Pierre Liebaert - Construction Confederation - economic studies
10.30 Question and answer
10.40 Coffee Break
11.05   EPB approach 'other specific destinations': requirements and certification - Today and evolution until 2014. Tine Vandecasteele - VEA - EPB team
11.35u  Energy efficient (re) building 'commercial buildings' preference for pragmatism rather than a theoretical approach - Donald Desmet - Signum + architects | Mosaic ir.architecten
12.05 Questions and answers
12.15 Lunch
14.00   Innovative and energy efficient lighting - Green Light Flanders 2020 What are the difficulties and possibilities - sample projects Ing. Kris Van Dingenen - VEI
14.30   Performance roof, wall and floor insulation solutions Evolutions towards 2020: insulation thickness, construction, and airtightness knots Ing. Eddy Mahieu - CSTC - Chief Advisor ATA    
15.00 Question and answer
15.10 Coffee break
15h35  Cold Bruges - Problems in industrial construction,  metal construction and concrete construction - sample details Prof. Arch. Jan Moens - UGent - Office Construction
16.05  Energy Politics in practice, opportunities and challenges  -Willem Frederik Schiltz - Federal Member of Parliament - Expert Energy Open VLD
16.35 Q & A
16.45  Conclusions Peter Wouters - CSTC 16.55u Reception

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