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EST Energy, Science and Technology 2015 - Conference and Exhibition

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EST Energy, Science and Technology 2015 - Conference and Exhibition

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The establishment of a sustainable, reliable and achievable energy system needs worldwide cross-linked efforts in research, development and implementation of innovations by both, the scientific community as well as the industry. The Energy Science and Technology Conference and Exhibition wants to provide a platform for presenting the most recent research results, for showing developments of energy systems and for connecting researchers and engineers from all over the world. Hereby, it will focus on the three major challenges in current times related to energy research:

  • Renewable Energy
  • Efficiency
  • Systems, Storage and Grids


Renewable Energy
A major role in prospective, sustainable energy systems will be played by renewable energy sources. Therefore, cost-effective and highly efficient technologies for centralized and decentralized applications are essential to fully exploit the vast potential of solar radiation, wind, biomass, and geothermal energy.

In this conference, research and development of innovative technologies will be approached in the following thematic fields:

    Inorganic and organic photovoltaic
    Concentrating solar thermal technology
    Energy from chemical and solar fuels
    Energy production by biomass
    Geothermal energy systems
    Wind energy


The success of a sustainable future energy system depends crucially on a significant enhancement of efficient dealings with energy. In this context, efficiency has to be increased in production and consumption of energy throughout the whole energy system.

The topics addressed in the conference will mainly be:

    Efficient use of fossil and synthetic fuels
    Efficient and flexible power plants
    Enhancement of efficiency in energy conversion
    Energy efficient buildings
    Efficiency in cooling and heating


Systems, Storage and Grids
Fast expansion of centralized and decentralized renewable energy production with individual characteristics of availability and controllability creates new and ambitious demands on the storage and distribution of energy. This concerns electric power as well as thermal power and energy carrying media like fuels and gases.

In the conference, these challenges will be dealt with in the following topics:

    Electrical, chemical and electrochemical storage of electric energy
    Mechanical storage of electric power and energy carrying media
    Thermal energy storage
    Electrolysis and hydrogen
    Synthetic fuels
    Electric grids and network integration on all levels
    Gas and fuel grids

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