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EU energy policy gridlocked? Breakfast briefing with MEP Lambert van Nistelrooij and MEP Wojciech Michał Olejniczak

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The event will explore today’s energy solutions available in rural areas and will discuss the existing EU legislative framework and its impact on energy choices of rural dwellers. In view of the discussions on the Cohesion Policy post 2013 and considering the upcoming Parliamentary report on ‘Role of EU cohesion policy and their actors in implementing the new European energy policy’ the event will provide a great opportunity to discuss the role of Cohesion Policy in development of clean energy technologies in Europe’s regions.
The event will also present a new ‘White Paper’ on current policy challenges related to development of clean energy in rural regions and policy recommendations with regards to energy efficiency, air quality, availability & affordability, and CO2 emissions in rural areas.

Array Time: 8:00 - 9:30 AM
Future of Rural Energy in Europe (FREE)
Contact Name:
Ewa Abramiuk
Contact Email: Contact Phone:
02 234 68 94

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