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EU response to crisis - implication for affordable housing

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CECODHAS Housing Europe presents the conference: EU Responses to Crisis - Implications for Affordable Housing


The economic crisis is driving policy change in the field of housing in the EU, with on the one hand housing markets at the root of the financial downturn and on the other increased investment in public housing used in many EU countries to revive the economy. In the meantime, public spending cuts in 2010 mean that all governments are looking at alternative ways to finance housing policies. What has not changed on the landscape however, are the unmet housing needs, with housing prices remaining high and affordability of housing continuing to be one of the most pressing un-resolved social issues.


This conference will look at how the EU policy landscape has changed over the last 5 years with regards its interactions with housing policies and how those interactions will be reinforced within the framework of EU 2020. It will focus on changes in EU budget (opening of Structural Funds…); the emergence of an EU energy policy with the adoption of the Climate package (including all measures linked to energy efficiency) and outline the impact of the EU legal framework and changes implied by the Lisbon Treaty as well as the contribution of housing to the fight against poverty as one of the pillars of the EU 2020 strategy. What the EU can and should do and what the EU can’t or should not do will be at the heart of the discussion between experts, practitioners and decision makers.


Among the invited speakers: Laszlo Andor, EU Commissioner for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion; Prof. Richard Wilkinson, Nottingham University and co-author of the Spirit Level, and key speakers from European environmental organisations, financial institutions.


You of course! This should be a unique opportunity to create a dialogue between practitioners, EU decicion-makers and various experts in order to make relevant recommendations for better housing policies and better housing conditions in the European Union.

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