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EU Sustainable Energy Week 2014

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EU Sustainable Energy Week

EU Sustainable Energy Week

The 9th edition of the European Sustainable Energy Week 2014 (EUSEW 2014) will take place in June 2014. Launched in 2006 as a European Commission initiative, EUSEW has grown into Europe’s leading event on sustainable energy. It brings together energy stakeholders and the general public and offers a prominent stage to showcase successful projects, innovative technologies and best practices.


EUSEW welcomes public authorities, energy agencies, private companies including SMEs, NGOs, industry associations and academic institutions to engage in helping to meet the EU’s energy and climate goals. Do you wish to share your expertise, raise awareness or showcase your successful technology? Then we invite you to become part of EUSEW 2014! Please read below how you can get engaged.

EUSEW 2014 will again feature:

- The Sustainable Energy Europe Awards and ManagEnergy Award 2014
- Energy Days
- The High Level Policy Conference


Sustainable Energy Europe Awards
A highlight of EUSEW is the Sustainable Energy Europe Awards ceremony. With the LIVING category, the Awards competition rewards best-in-class practices in the building sector.


Energy Days
Every year, hundreds of organisations become part of EUSEW with their own Energy Day. Energy Days are not-for-profit events and activities that promote energy efficiency or renewable energy. Activities such as exhibitions, conferences, online events, performances, guided tours, open door days, workshops, media campaigns and concerts are all eligible. Are you keen in promoting your achievements in making buildings more sustainable to citizens, potential investors or policy makers? Would you like to showcase your projects, products or installations? EUSEW welcomes you to register your Energy Day. Energy Days can take place during the whole month of June 2014.


High Level Policy Conference

The core of EUSEW 2014 will be the High Level Policy Conference (HLPC) on 24-26 June in the Charlemagne building in Brussels. The conference will stage 18 events hosted by the European Commission and other stakeholders. 

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