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EuroSun 2010 in Graz!

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EuroSun is Europe's largest conference on solar thermal energy. EuroSun conferences are organized biennially by ISES Europe and are dedicated to a scientific audience in the field of solar energy. Like EuroSun 2008 in Lisbon, EuroSun 2010 will be organised together with the IEA SHC program and will focus on solar heating, cooling and buildings.

Since the Lisbon conference, international business has been dominated by the world financial and economic crisis. However, the solar thermal market has successfully resisted the crisis so far. R&D has led to many promising innovations and developments in fields such as the supply of heating for buildings, process heat and solar cooling.

Conference Topics include:

  • Solar energy in architecture
  • Net zero energy buildings
  • Energy efficiency in buildings through solar applications
  • Large-scale solar thermal applications
  • Advanced solar domestic hot water heating
  • Solar space heating with a high solar fraction
  • Solar energy for industrial and commercial applications
  • Solar cooling and air conditioning
  • Solar collector technology
  • Thermal energy storage
  • Engineering and simulation tools
  • Testing and certification
  • Solar radiation and solar energy availability
  • Other solar energy related topics
  • Other components of solar thermal systems