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The event is meant to raise awareness on the need to upscale the energy retrofitting of the existing Social Housing stock and the need for a policy framework to boost and facilitate changes at Member States level. SHELTER project has worked on the identification of innovative methods to overcome barriers to increase efficiency of renovation works. This event will be the place to share our findings and feed the research. The event will focus on three main issues: - Innovative financial instruments: feedback on experience on Energy Performance Contracting and the use of ERDF funds; - Public Procurement: feedback on experience on new coordination models such as integrated design, and discussion on the possibilities offered by the new EU Public Procurement Directive; - Local development and role of SMEs in the upscaling of energy renovation and contribution to growth and competitiveness in the EU. Please find below the Programme of the event.
Array Improving the energy performance of buildings is a cost-effective way of fighting against climate change and improving energy security, while also creating job opportunities, particularly in the building sector; it is therefore key to ensure that this renovation process is taking place in an effective and coordinated way among all the actors involved in the renovation chain...this is the raison d'être of the SHELTER project and the goal that its partners are willing to achieve.
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