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Experiences in bridging the gap between Investors and Project Developers

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The European Commission, in partnership with the UN Environment Finance Initiative, is organising a webinar on “Experiences in bridging the gap between Investors and Project Developers” on 27 June 2019, from 10.00 to 12.00 Central European Summer Time.

After a short introduction from the EASME (Executive Agency for Small and Medium Enterprises), this webinar will hear from several presenters:


-Policy context and priorities from DG ENER

-How to structure the dialogue on sustainable energy finance: experience and prospects from the SEI Forums initiative, Andy Deacon, Climate Alliance

-SEFIPA - Sustainable Energy Financing Platform in Austria, Katharina Muner-Sammer, ÖGUT

-EnerInvest - Spanish platform for sustainable energy financing, Fernando Garcia Gutierrez, Deloitte

-Funding opportunities under H2020 to support the development of National Financing Platforms, Kamila Paquel, EASME


After these presentations, time will be allowed for questions and answers.

Please register by clicking here.


The webinar will be conducted in English and will be moderated by Christophe Milin

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