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Expert workshop for preparation of Annex proposal - Comfort and Climate Box

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The IEA Heat Pump TCP and the IEA Energy Storage TCP organize a workshop to finalize the discussion on the objectives, scope and activities of the new Annex. The outcome of this workshop will be a workplan for this new annex on the Comfort and Climate Box.

If you are interested in joining this new Annex, you are invited to participate in this workshop. The objective of the workshop is to finalize the working program, to define the national contributions and to establish the core group, including subtask leaders of this new joint Annex.


If you plan to participate in this new Annex, please fill in the registration form (also if you want to participate, but you are not able to come to this Preparation Workshop). If you want to give a brief presentation (pitch), please also indicate this in the form. There will be time for updates on latest developments.
If you have updates but not able to come, please indicate the updates in the form.


If you know other partners, do not hesitate to forward this invitation!


About the Annex proposal

Affordable heating and cooling for buildings for the 21st century  – Comfort and Climate Box

Integrated systems consisting of heat pumps and storage are an important technological option to accelerate the use of renewable energy for heating and cooling. By combining heat pumps and storage, several issues may be tackled, such as grid load balancing; increased self-usage of renewables; optimizing economics, CO2, fuel use and supply security.

Commercial development of these packages is progressing slowly. This Combined Annex will help accelerate market development.

The goal of this Combined Annex is to develop and disseminate knowledge, evaluate prototypes and coordinate field tests involving HP/storage-packages in existing Buildings.


Registration form

To register for the workshop, please use this registration form.

Also, if you are interested in this new Annex, but you are not able to attend the workshop, please fill in the registration form as well and we will keep you informed on the developments.

If the link to the registration form isn’t working, please use the following url:

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Ms. Louise Quistgaard
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+46 10 516 6581
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