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Flexibility services in the zero-emission smart grid: market models, regulations, actors and technologies

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15 June, 2021 03:00 PM - 15 June, 2021 05:00 PM

Online webinar


This webinar explores the role of different actors, regulations and market models, and digital data and technologies in the provision of flexibility in energy demand that is so critical for the transition to a zero-emission energy system and smart grid characterised by high shares of volatile renewable energy resources.


In line with the focus on institutional change and transitions management of the ISGAN Annex 7 Smart Grid Transitions programme, the webinar will discuss the importance of innovations within and linkages between these central building blocks – actors, institutions and technologies – for a clean energy transition that also ensures citizen engagement, fairness and cost effectiveness.


Experts from research and industry will share their knowledge and experience from projects in Europe and the Nordic countries regarding these topics, and there will be ample time for comments, questions and discussion.




Simon Bolwig is Senior Researcher at UNEP DTU Partnership, DTU Management, Technical University of Denmark (DTU). He holds a PhD in Geography from the Faculty of Science, University of Copenhagen, 1999. He carries out research on sustainable energy, climate change, circular bio-economy, and agro-food systems. He has done research in European as well as in African countries and has contributed to literature on sustainability transitions, technological innovation systems, policy integration, global value chain studies, and development studies.


He was Lead Author on the IPCC AR5 report Mitigation of Climate Change Mitigation (2014). He teaches courses on sustainability challenges, supervises PhD students at DTU and at universities in Ghana, and has developed a course on sustainability management for the DTU eMBA programme. Simon was leading a research group on climate change and sustainable development from 2013-2019. Prior to DTU, he worked at the Danish Institute of International Studies (2004-2009) and at the International Food Policy Research Institute (2000-2004) and was out-posted in Uganda during 2000-2003.


Helle Juhler-Verdoner, Danish Intelligent Energy Alliance

Razgar Ebrahimy, Center Denmark

Klaus Kubeczko, Austrian Institute of Technology

Joni Rossi, RISE Research Institutes of Sweden

Claire Bergaentzlé, Technical University of Denmark

Dominik Dominkovic, Technical University of Denmark

Anna Wieczorek, Eindhoven University of Technology

Klaus Skytte, CEO, Nordic Energy Research


Agenda (Times are in CEST, Copenhagen time)


  • 14:30 – 15:00   Speakers join to test audio
  • 15:00 – 15:02   (2 min)  Welcome, logistic information and present the speakers. Thibaut Raphael Tancrede Pasquet
  • 15:02 – 15:07 (5 min) Project (ISGAN) Introduction. Simon Bolwig
  • 15:07 – 15:19 (12 min) Market models and regulatory changes for flexibility services in local grids. Experiences from the Danish ‘Market Model 3. Helle Juhler-Verdoner
  • 15:19 –15:31 (12 min) Digital tools and data platforms in support of flexibility. Experiences from the living labs of the Flexible Energy Denmark project. Razgar Ebrahimy
  • 15:31 – 15:43 (12 min) Building institutions for flexibility services through regulatory ‘sandbox’ experiments. Klaus Kubeczko
  • 15:43 – 15:59 (16 min) Unlocking flexibility in local networks – learnings from the UNITED-GRID and Flexigrid projects. Joni Rossi
  • 15:59 – 16:11 (12 min) Smart integration of data centres to energy systems: for enhanced RES flexibility and waste heat utilization. Claire Bergaentzlé and Dominik Dominkovic
  • 16:11 – 16:23 (12 min) Community energy meets smart grids: the aspirations and multiple roles of community-based virtual power plants. Anna Wieczorek
  • 16:23 – 16:39 (16 min) Panel Discussion. New models, actors and technologies for flexibility services. (Moderated by Klaus Skytte)
  • 16:39 – 17:00 (21 min) Q&A/Discussion. (Moderated by Thibaut Raphael Tancrede Pasquet)
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