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GCESD2018 - Global Conference on Energy and Sustainable Development

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The World Energy and Environment Technology Ltd. is happy to announce the Global Conference on Energy and Sustainable Development, 2018. The Conference not only provides a venue for researchers from the United Kingdom but also for worldwide researchers and specialists and those interested in learning about the energy and sustainable development. The conference will cover the following topic but not limited to:

• Renewable energy resources • Energy system analysis • Energy planning • Thermal power plants • Energy Efficiency • Renewable heat systems • Life cycle assessment, Environmental impact assessment and Eco-design • Carbon capture and storage/sequestration • Advanced sustainable energy conversion • Biofuels and bio-refineries • Hydrogen production technologies • Waste to energy • Recycling waste • Heat and mass transfer modelling • Energy Storage • Energy efficient appliance • Zero energy and smart buildings • Sustainability methodologies and Sustainable development for innovation • Energy and environmental policy • Transport policy • Water policy and management • Agricultural policy and management.


The 2nd Global Conference on Energy and Sustainable Development (GCESD2018) will be held in John McIntyre Conference Centre, The University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh, EH16 5AY, UK, 18-20 December 2018.

All papers presented in the conference will be published in open source format to ensure maximum dissemination of research outputs from delegates. Only those manuscript will be published in which one of the authors will register and attend the conference.


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