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Getting our homes future ready Workshop

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8 March 2017, 10:00-17:00,  Venue: House of Dutch Provinces 59 – 61 Rue de Trèves, Brussels


Essential skills and innovative solutions for a fair energy transition in public, cooperative and social housing.

An initiative of Housing Europe as part of the PROF/TRAC project.


Energy consumption in buildings is a hard nut to crack. Any viable strategy must aim to scale-up approaches that have already been tried and tested and not rely on targets alone. When it comes to actual practices that work on the ground, public, cooperative and social housing providers are the ones that have the lead in getting the job done. Although they only make on average 11% of the overall stock in the EU, they manage to be a shaping factor for the success of the energy transition for a number of reasons, such as:

  • their energy performance is on average better than the private rental or the homeowners’ sectors
  • the expertise of social housing providers in renovation activities is getting increasingly strong being the segment that caters for medium and low-income families and people with special housing needs who otherwise wouldn’t be able to find a decent and affordable accommodation
  • from 2010 to 2015 it is estimated that affordable housing providers have invested more than 32,8 billion Euros in refurbishment projects concerning 1.843.000 dwellings generating a total of 506.550 full-time jobs


Today’s session will showcase a wide range of examples of international cooperation that are already unfolding across Europe -  solutions that pave the way towards the tools and strategies for the modernization of the EU housing stock. The emerging key question is what are the essential skills and training needs to carry out energy renovation in the social housing sector?


Making quality renovation affordable for low-income social housing residents is an ongoing challenge for social housing providers. The cost of renovation and the various schemes and mechanisms to finance it are determining factors, too. Bringing down at the same time the cost of renovation and the cost of finance are crucial considerations for the policy debate as well.


Event aims:

1. Identifying and promoting the skills and training needs in the field of housing retrofitting

2. Sharing common understanding between the stakeholders of the housing renovation markets by building upon other flagship programmes

3. Informing policymakers at the EU level on the training and skills needed to achieve a fair energy transition



Ηousing practicioners with policy makers and tehcnical experts with building professionals as well as architects will come together for intensive training session.


Draft Agenda now available on Housing Europe website:


DEADLINE for registration 3 March

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