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Governance models for climate neutrality - #EURegionsWeek Workshop

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Tue 20, October 2020

11:30 - 13:00 CET


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The goal of making Europe climate-neutral by 2050 put forward by the European Green Deal will only be achieved through the effective involvement of all levels of government, stakeholders and citizens.


It will require the roll-out of new governance models featuring a public administration that moves beyond its traditional silo-based working methods to a more cross-cutting, integrated and citizen-driven way of working.


The European Climate Pact will be a key instrument for ensuring broad societal engagement in the transition.


In the current context and in the wake of the COVID-19 crisis, the European Green Deal has huge potential to drive the EU's recovery efforts, restart the economy and better equip cities and regions to tackle the ongoing climate emergency.


The Covenant of Mayors' cities, towns and regions have been driving local efforts and leading climate action for many years, experimenting with innovative ways of co-creating local solutions.


This session will showcase examples from climate front-runners implementing participatory models of governance with commitments and actions from different sectors of society.


It will explore existing "local climate pacts" to look at how these examples can support the objective of the European Green Deal, linking up with the EU Climate Pact and the Mission for Climate-Neutral and Smart Cities.




   -Anna Lisa Boni, Secretary General, EUROCITIES, Belgium.




   -Minna Arve, Mayor, City Of Turku, Finland.


   -Charles Fournier, Vice President of the Centre Val de Loire Region dedicated to the ecologic and citizen transitions, Centre Val de Loire Region, France.


   -Mohamed Ridouani, Mayor, City of Leuven, Belgium.


   -Rafał Kazimierz Trzaskowski, President of the capital city of Warsaw, Warsaw, Poland.


Code: 20WS1161V


Format: Workshop


Theme: Green Europe


Partners: Covenant of Mayors Office - Europe, European Committee of the Regions - ENVE Commission


Languages: English (EN), Français (FR)


Virtual platform: Interactio


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Covenant of Mayors Office - Europe, European Committee of the Regions - ENVE Commission
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