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Grand Renewable Energy 2014 (GRE2014) International Conference and Exhibition

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The conference slogan is “Advanced Technology Paths to Global Sustainability ”
and the latest cutting edge technologies will be presented at GRE2014. This conference is a joint event organized together with the International Solar Energy Society-Asia Pacific.

Economic development using renewable energy technology has became indispensable. To accelerate this situation, the place setting where every stakeholders gather together, present, and discuss about utmost qualified research and technology is a significant matter. The development of individual technology and the integrated technology are necessary components in the wheel of vehicle. Given the present circumstances of the world as population increase, unstable security surrounding many countries, global temperature increase, and so on, renewable energy development must be accelerated. Innovation is the most important which is true, but the updated modification and rearrangement of conventional energies are also important, thus it is a part of subjects to the discussion. The final purpose is to link with industry development and a stable society. This conference welcomes all of those having interest in renewable energy.


Conference subjects
Policy & Integrated Concept
Solar Thermal Applications
Innovative Bioclimatic Architecture    
Wind Energy
Biomass Utilization & Conversion
Hydrogen & Fuel Cell
Ocean Energy
Geothermal Energy & Ground-Source Heat Pump
Energy Network & Power Electronics
Energy Conservation & Heat Pump
Small Hydro & Non-Conventional Energy