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Green Building Congress 2009

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A flagship event on green buildings in India, it is held in different cities every year, to educate, inform, network and unite forces for spreading the green building movement. The local chapters assist in the organisation of this annual international conference-cum-exhibition. So far this has taken place in Hyderabad, Delhi, Bengaluru, Chennai and Mumbai. This year, we are back to Hyderabad. The day is not far when the Green building Congress comes to your city. Participants of the congress come to be informed, educated and involved in the green building movement. We have world-class speakers from across the globe to enlighten you on various aspects of green buildings during the international conference. Major events: - Two-day conference on green buildings - One-day conference on green homes - A 3-day exhibition of green building products, equipment and services, showcasing the avant-garde in green buildings - Training workshops on green building concepts and energy simulation software for building professionals - Guided tour to various green certified buildings in and around Hyderabad.