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Heating and cooling - From strategy to consumer’s reality

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The objective of this session, organised in the framework of the EU Sustainable Energy Week (EUSEW), is to provide a platform for relevant actors of the heating and cooling sector to give concrete suggestions on how to make the EU Strategy for Heating and Cooling reality for Europe and its consumers.


The EU Strategy for Heating and Cooling calls for placing the consumer at the core. However, besides requiring more cooperation with consumer associations on national and European levels, the Strategy does not address sufficiently how to achieve this. With this event the European Heating Industry Association - EHI would like to discuss ways to make the Strategy work for consumers and show how hybrids can help bridge the expectation-reality gap in Europe.


The session aims at creating a bridge between the end-users and policy makers offering input to the following questions:


  • Why is modernisation of heating appliances a key action? Presentation of the new Ecofys study: demonstrating that an accelerated modernisation of old and inefficient heating appliances can play a key role to reach the EU energy and climate goals;
  • What are the challenges and solutions of bringing energy efficient and renewable technologies to the consumer? Manufacturers provide concrete input on how to raise consumer awareness and involvement (including the experience of the most energy-efficient European markets): e.g. labelling of installed stock, self-evaluation of the energy performance of a heating appliance, scrappage schemes, role of remote control/smart appliances;
  • Hybrids – the secret ingredient to decarbonisation: How todays technologies can bring us forward?


The EU Strategy for Heating and Cooling was published in February 2016 and the reviews of the directives relating to the energy performance of buildings, energy efficiency, renewable energy and the energy market design are expected to be finalised by the end of 2016. Thus, this concentrated workshop offers an opportunity to provide concrete input into the on-going reviews. The input will be summarised in a document which will be submitted to the European Commission services following the EUSEW.


For further information please visit the relevant EUSEW webpage.

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