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How to achieve cost effective and sustainable buildings? -The international sustainability and buildingSMART conference

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When designing and managing today’s buildings, there is an increasing focus on both cost effectiveness and sustainability. At this conference we bring together leading thinkers and practitioners within the building industry who understand and share a vision: the need to cooperate in order to solve our common sustainability challenges. The need for increased collaboration will be addressed using methods such as Integrated Energy Design (IED), Building Information Modeling (BIM) and open buildingSMART standards. The conference will focus on planning new buildings and how existing buildings can contribute towards sustainability. Devoting resources to sustainability not only creates more sustainable buildings, it also provides an opportunity for business development. SMART Green Growth - sustainability is smart for business - is a fresh concept that has gained greater focus lately, and may provide an opportunity for a country to become a leading supplier of solutions in the growing global sustainability marketplace.Participants at this conference will learn about new tools and processes that will revolutionize building planning, construction and operation.