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How a common language will foster non-residential building renovation – ALDREN project

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ALDREN webinar - 13 June 2018

  • TIME: 10:30 - 12:00 CEST
  • FREE REGISTRATION: register here

Non-residential building renovation is a complex topic involving different actors such as asset managers, building professionals, manufacturers, public administrations and, of course, building occupiers. Speaking a common language, understandable by all of these actors, is a fundamental step towards the effective and large-scale deployment of renovation plans. This is indeed the aim of the ALDREN project.


This free webinar will provide you with an overview of a European Voluntary Certification Scheme (EVCS), conceived as a tool for a harmonised energy rating of the non-residential building stock. The EVCS is the backbone of the ALDREN project, that will further develop the Scheme by including:

  • energy performance verification by measurements
  • Indoor Environmental Quality criteria.

The webinar will suggest ALDREN’s strategy to tackle these challenges and turn them into meaningful indicators. An additional goal of ALDREN is to include these concepts in a Building Renovation Passport for non-residential buildings. In this webinar, ALDREN experts will illustrate how this proposal can fit into the new EU policy framework and how it can relate with ongoing initiatives and existing database. Among these sister initiatives, the webinar will bring up the ENERFUND experience, that shines a light on deep renovation opportunities through map visualizations.



Moderator: Johann Zirngibl, CSTB (France)

10:30 - Opening Anita Derjanecz, REHVA (Belgium)

10:35 - ALDREN – the common language to speak about building renovation - Johann Zirngibl, CSTB (France)

10:45 - European Common Voluntary Certification Scheme – the tool for harmonized comparability European wide - Jana Bendzalova, ENBEE (Slovakia)

10:55 - Give Confidence – Deep retrofit with verified energy performance - Robert Cohen, VERCO (UK)

11:05 - Q&A

11:20 - Health & Wellbeing – Defining Indoor Environmental Quality criteriaPawel Wargocki, DTU (Denmark)

11:30 - The ALDREN Building Renovation Passport – step by step towards the nZEB levelGraziano Salvalai, PoliMI (Italy)

11:40 - Q&A

11:50 - ALDREN visibility: ENERFUNDLaura Soto, IVE (Spain)

12:00 - Conclusions – Mathieu Rivallain, CSTB (France)

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