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Human in the Loop; Designing for Sustainable Technologies in Homes - SusLabNWE Mid Term Event

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Join us for the latest developments on designing for sustainable home practices, including:

  • Saving energy while maintaining thermal comfort
  • Combining innovative technologies with user behaviour

We are joined by leading international academia, industry and nonprofit for inspiring presentations, diverse cases, the interactive SusLab toolkit and a round table debate. During the day there will be a lot of opportunity for networking. Lunch is provided.

SusLab is a unique European platform to successfully test and develop sustainable innovations in homes. User involvement and thermal comfort are key. A new SusLab toolkit has been developed which can be used by both industry and academia.

Time:  09:30 to 17:00
Location:  Delft University of Technology | TU Delft
             Faculty Industrial Design Engineering
Address:  Landbergstraat 15, Delft, the Netherlands

You are welcome to join us for this day!


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