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iBRoad project Webinar: Test driving the Individual Building Renovation Roadmap and Logbook

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Thursday 27 February 2020
11.00 – 12.00 CET 



The iBRoad tools, consisting of the individual Building Renovation Roadmap and Logbook, were field-tested in Bulgaria, Poland and Portugal during the period March to May 2019. Additionally, the iBRoad Logbook was field-tested in Germany. During the field test, 15 – 20 buildings per pilot country were examined in cooperation with local certified energy auditors. In total, 27 energy auditors participated in the iBRoad field test. The auditors were asked to create stepwise building renovation plans, whenever suitable, using the iBRoad-Plan (individual Building Renovation Roadmap and roadmap assistant) and to fill in the iBRoad-Log (Logbook).


This webinar will present the successful preparation, execution and evaluation of the field test. Lessons learnt and positive examples from the pilot countries will be presented, highlighting the effectiveness of the iBRoad products.




iBRoad project at a glance and webinar introduction
Alexander Deliyannis – SYMPRAXIS Team


Test driving the Individual Building Renovation Roadmap and Logbook – preparation, execution and evaluation of the field test
Peter Mellwig – ifeu


What did we learn from the field test? Positive examples and further development of the iBRoad Renovation Roadmap and Logbook
Julia Lempik – ifeu


Q&A Session


End of webinar


To register for the webinar click here or send an e-mail to with the title “Attend iBRoad project Webinar 2020/2/27”. You will receive a confirmation within 24 hours.  

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