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Implementing the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive

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Implementing the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive

Cost-Optimality • nZEB • Implementation Practice


With the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD), the public sector is to take a leading role regarding the efficiency of its buildings. While having to comply with nearly Zero-Energy criteria after 2018, the public sector also needs to set out practicable rules for the construction sector itself. However, it remains unclear where energy and cost efficiency are balanced best in order to ensure the realisation of climate change goals and long-term competitiveness. While specific measures and regulations for new and existing building stocks can range from the selection of material over energy management to the use of renewables, national administrations across Europe ultimately have to ensure cost-efficiency and also need to set out a practicable regulatory framework for the private sector. Appropriate green skills have to be developed for the labour market, partly contradicting requirements have to be harmonised… the variety of challenges and approaches is striking while the goals are ambitious.


This International Practical Seminar, aimed at governmental agencies, organisations, public bodies, universities, private companies etc., will bring together experienced practitioners who will share selected case studies on energy efficiency measures for nearly Zero-Energy Buildings (nZEBs) and cost-optimality while also providing insights on practicable incentives and financing mechanisms for a successful implementation of the EPBD. The event will facilitate exchange on economical hence feasible approaches to improving the energy efficiency of the building stock and on regulatory approaches which will allow for a resilient and green construction sector. Furthermore, the seminar will enable attendees to directly engage and interact with the selected speakers and international participants from across Europe.


Attendees will learn:


  • How to develop strategies and systematic renovation plans for building stocks?
  • How to balance energy and economical sustainability in future technical measures? • How can the public sector fulfil its front running role with nZEB?
  • How can nZEB be achieved through retrofitting?
  • How can green skills systematically be strengthened and how can they contribute to sustainable transformations?
  • How can you save both cost and energy in your building stock?
  • Which financial instruments exist from the EIB to foster energy efficiency?
  • Which potential for energy savings lies within technical building systems?
  • Which pitfalls might you encounter when it comes to lifecycle costing?
  • How to ensure that energy efficiency requirements do not dominate other key requirements for buildings?

For further information on the event please download the brochure below.


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