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Increase quality and trust to make EPC markets flourish across Europe (EUSEW 2015 Policy Conference)

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The session is organised by Transparense project in co-operation with the EESI2020 and ICP Europe projects and the two European associations of energy service providers: EFIEES and eu.ESCO.


It aims to present the reasons why only a tiny part of the estimated vast potential of the Energy Performance Contracting (EPC) model has been used and what should be done to allow this potential to be exploited so that it significantly contributes to meeting the EU's ambitious climate and energy targets for 2020. The target audience are European and national policymakers, EPC providers and their associations, EPC facilitators and experts. Policymakers also represent large energy consumers and thus also potential EPC clients.


During the first hour of the session the main outcomes of the European projects will mainly focus on development of the EPC market. Transparense, EESI2020 and ICP Europe will be presented as well as the experiences of the two European associations of energy service providers. It will be moderated by Jaroslav Marousek, Board Director of SEVEn, The Energy Efficiency Center, who has been recently supporting the development of several new Central and Eastern European EPC markets.


At the end of the session, a discussion among the speakers and the representative of DG Energy will seek the best solutions to make the EPC markets flourish.

SEVEn - The Energy Efficiency Center
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