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Innovative financing tools for energy efficiency in buildings in France - CITYnvest

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Innovative financing tools for energy efficiency in buildings in France - CITYnvest

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Updated: 1 September 2016


International, European and national commitments in CO₂ emissions reduction and energy efficiency require huge investments. Those investments need to be made mainly in the building sector and at a local level. At the same time, French local authorities face strong budget constraints and reduction of national financial support. That has an impact on their ability to invest and carry out projects tackling climate issues. Thus, it is important to increase the skills and knowledge of the municipalities and local authorities in identifying and applying alternative financing models, which would allow them to invest in retrofitting projects.


The objective of this seminar, which will take place on 27 September 2016, from 9:00 a.m. to 12:45 p.m., at the Nantes Métropole, in Nantes, France, is to gather all stakeholders involved in renovations of buildings, present existing case studies and give guidance on how to start creating and using the innovative financing for energy efficiency investments. Organisations that have already developed similar financing models in France and abroad will explain how they work and how to apply and replicate them. Then, a round table discussion will take place. The main focus will be on investigating how those financing models can be used on a wider scale and how to overcome existing investment barriers.


The event is mainly addressed to the French local authorities, financial institutions, investors, ESCOs and policy makers from local and regional level.


The workshop is co-organised by CITYnvest and the Association Française du Conseil des Communes et Régions d'Europe, with the support of Nantes Métropole alongside the Climate Chance Summit 2016.



For further information, please visit the event's website at the link below.

CITYnvest, Association Française du Conseil des Communes et Régions d'Europe
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