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International Conference on ENERGY EFFICIENCY in HISTORIC BUILDINGS: Experiences & Solutions

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Energy Efficiency & Historic Buildings: Experiences & Solutions

How to improve the energy efficiency of historic buildings while preserving their historic character, values and historical integrity.


Nowadays, energy efficiency is one of the most important targets in Europe. However, the implementation of energy saving measures in historic buildings is still a poorly treated topic despite the large number of ancient buildings existing across Europe.

The energetic rehabilitation of built heritage, a wide labor market to be developed, needs different agents and areas that are not yet coordinated with each other. 

This Conference will be a dynamic space of networking between such agents: researchers in these areas, companies and professionals involved in the process, owners, managers and users of historic buildings, a fundamental asset and value for the present and future of Europe.


The Conference is organized in 3 areas: 

- Presentations and Posters Area

- Exhibitors Area 

- Networking Area

Researchers on the fields of energy efficiency and historic buildings are invited to submit original papers and contribute with presentations or posters in the Conference.

Papers should cover one of the following five thematic lines:

Governance, management, participation and mediation. 

• Techniques, materials, methodologies and solutions. 

• Legal and technical regulations.

• Financing: profitability and costs.

• Promotion, training and education.


This international Conference aims to promote networking among researchers and other agents involved in the process of saving energy in historic buildings.

Researchers will be able to discuss cooperations, commercial agreements and new projects initiatives with companies and professionals in the energy sector or in the area of architectural restoration.

The Conference also intends to reduce the gap between science and society, and promote contact between researchers and users, owners and managers of historic buildings. 


This International Conference is organized by two foundations (non-profit entities). Please see the attachment below for more information.



Fundación de Casas Históricas y Singulares ; Ars Civilis Foundation
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