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International Conference on Renewable Energy 2020

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Research for a better future


Renewable Energy forms one of the pillars for delivering a global sustainable environment and the commitment to climate change targets.


The renewable energy industry has matured, with huge investments being ploughed into it globally. Global new investment in renewable energy (excluding large hydro-electric projects) was around US$241.6 billion in 2016, with over 138.5GW of added renewable power capacity worldwide.


This capacity is equivalent to 55% of all the generating capacity and was approximately double that in fossil fuel generation in 2016. International Conference on Renewable Energy series addresses research and development in renewable energy technologies including energy efficiency.


It is an annual meeting planned to be held in different countries, initially within Europe, with Asia, Middle East, Africa, and Latin America being highlighted as target regions for the conference.


The next in the series of the International Conference on Renewable Energy is the ICREN 2020 focusing on international participation including experienced and young researchers with interest in renewable energy studies.


ICREN 2020 will include articles and presentations on the latest research on renewable energy technologies, grid interactions, energy efficiency, data analytics, economics and finance, environmental and social impact as well as policy and climate change implications.


This conference will gather an excellent group of Plenary speakers from different topics and will be held online on November 25-27, 2020.


How to access the conference rooms?


An intuitive conference dashboard has been designed to provide you with quick and easy access to all conference rooms.


Dashboard: Go to the Online Conference!


We would like this edition to be interactive with AV discussions over the talks and full of opportunities to network. Providing you with a smooth meeting technically speaking is also one of our main priorities.


A welcome desk will be available every day with a staff member that you can talk with and each participant can ask for a technical test prior to the event by sending an email to


You will have access to the participant’s list before the conference via a networking app and several activities will be available during the breaks to facilitate the networking between participants.



Renewable Energy technologies – solar, wind, wave, tidal, geothermal, bioenergy, hydropower / Energy storage concepts and materials / Renewable energy integrations and energy networks / Innovation in energy efficiency and architecture / Energy access, gender and development / Economics social and environmental and policy aspects / Energy and climate change


The target of ICREN 2020 is to attract the best articles and experts from all around the world. In order to promote excellence, awards will be offered to the outstanding submissions and all participants who would like to publish their full paper will have the opportunity to do it with ICREN 2020 and its associated journals.


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